Brand Shoot

A major goal this year was to create a website.

I went back and forth with how I wanted to approach it. Should I try to tackle building it myself? Should I hire someone to build it completely for me? I finally landed somewhere in between, but I’ll fill you in on that journey soon.

First, I knew I needed to have all my content in order. I had loads of stunning pictures from all the events and collaborations I’ve done, but not many with me and in my brand colors.

Thankfully some wonderful friends of mine stepped in, helped beautify me, and brought my brand dreams to life. I’m definitely more comfortable behind the scenes, but we had a laugh together.

Meet the team: Marisa (@marisaplotnickphotography) – Photography; Christina (@mrscromanello) – Makeup; Gabriela (@sugarkitchen_fl) – Cake; Lindsay (@archtheparty) – Balloons; Brenda (@festivefetti) – confetti